Eco-friendly and high efficiency
energy that leads the future

Employees of ROC AUTO SYSTEM will continue to focus on technology development
to increase create value creation and endeavor to provide better services to customers.

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With endless challenges and technology,
we will always serve our customers.

ROC AUTO SYSTEM provides customized total solutions for customers
including research, design, installation and follow-up services.

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A leader in the field of
energy based on trust.

To contribute to environmental protection and the development of combined heat and power system
using gas engine, we constantly contemplate, research and lead the field of energy.

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Advantages of the combined heat
and power system

1. Provides total Energy Solutionof generator, air compressor, refrigerant compressor,
    and heat circulation pump using gas engine driven energy and thermal energy
2. Reduce Energy Cost through optimization for respective business site
    with various energy types and patterns
3. Provides Excellent Energy Efficiency and Economic Efficiency in Maintenance
    by applying web base EMS (Energy Management System)