ROC AUTO SYSTEM Co., Ltd. is a company that is specialized
in the field of CHP (Combined Heat & Power) using gas engine.

Our company was founded in 2016 with experts in gas engines and electronic control devices.
Participating in the nationals projects from the beginning, we have developed combined heat & power generator
with the gas engine and commercialized it after installation and verification tests.
In addition, we provide a total solution considering the convenience of users by manufacturing of CHP system
as well as providing installation and operation services.

Advantages of the combined heat and power system supplied by ROC AUTO SYSTEM
1. Provides total Energy Solution of generator, air compressor, refrigerant compressor,
    and heat circulation pump using gas engine driven energy and thermal energy
2. Reduce Energy Cost through optimization for respective business site
    with various energy types and patterns
3. Provides Excellent Energy Efficiency and Economic Efficiency in Maintenance
    by applying web base EMS (Energy Management System)

Therefore, our combined heat and power generation system uses natural gas,
which is eco-friendly energy, and with highly efficient facility intended for power
generation and waste heat recovery, it is recognized for growth potential
for future business through the fusion of power generation and heating and cooling.
Employees of ROC AUTO SYSTEM will continue to focus on
technology development for the progress of the combined heat and power system
using gas engine to contribute to protecting environment and creating customer value
and also endeavor to provide better services to our customers.

Thank you.

Employees of ROC AUTO SYSTEM